None right now.


The code is in a rather infantile state, but what there is is publically available. DefEditor will use CLIM for the UI. Document structure will be specified abstractly, with a specialized lisp reader reading in code into specialized lisp structural objects.


All editing will be done on valid objects, and syntactic information as well as documentation will be tracked by the editor, as implemented by the module for that syntax. Syntactic information will be used to restrict the completion options to those that make sense, to optimize line-wrapping and indentation for readability, and to highlight elements according to their syntactic role. The wrapping engine from DefDoc is planned to be re-used for line-wrapping in DefEditor. Things like floating comments will also be supported by using special tags in the normal comment syntax for the language of the document. There will be a pretty-printer for outputting code as a DefDoc document for printing or other output. In the same spirit, organization of code can be indicated using hierarchial sectioning, persisted as special tagged comments.


There are 3 mailing lists for DefEditor, defeditor-announce, defeditor-devel, and defeditor-cvs.